Centennial Beach Youth Swim Lessons

There’s nothing quite like outdoor summer swim lessons at Naperville Park District’s Centennial Beach! Children ages 3-5 can benefit from Beach Preschool Swim Lessons and kids ages 6-14 can learn to swim in the Beach’s swim lessons designed for elementary age participants through early teens. Centennial Beach is a unique and historic facility located just outside of the downtown area in Naperville.

Preschool swim lessons use age-appropriate techniques and games to encourage swim skills development while emphasizing water safety. Program features progressive levels based on swim skills achievement for children in preschool through kindergarten. Class size generally is 2-4 students per instructor.

  • Level 1: participants are afraid of the water, can’t swim and won’t get their face wet
  • Level 2: participants can get their faces wet, jump in and enjoy the water
  • Level 3: participants can float on front and back, jump in and paddle to the surface and are not afraid of the water
  • Level 4: participants can swim above or under water and take occasional breaths

Centennial Beach’s swim lessons for elementary age through early teens also is progressive and swimmers are placed by skill level. In addition to learning swimming skills, participants also learn water safety skills appropriate to their level. Class size generally is 3-5 students per instructor.

  • Level 1: provides beginning swimmers with a basic familiarity with the water. Students learn to put their faces in the water, float and flutter kick. Students building trust in their instructor and confidence in themselves is the hallmark of this level
  • Level 2: builds upon skills from Level 1. Students add arms to flutter kick and create a foundation to learn freestyle and backstroke
  • Level 3: students learn in deeper water in order to learn deep-water safety/survival skills. Skills taught include treading water in an efficient manner, jumping in and recovering to the surface and exploring swimming in deeper water
  • Level 4: focus includes refining of freestyle and backstroke with an emphasis on shoulder rotation, adding of an 8-beat kick and bilateral breathing
  • Level 5: students learn sidestroke and elementary backstroke in preparation to learn butterfly and breaststroke, which are integral to water safety/survival skills
  • Level 6: challenges students to master butterfly and breaststroke
  • Level 7: prepares students for swim team by teaching them racing starts and turns

Swimming is an important life skill for anyone to have. Register your child for youth swim lessons this summer at Naperville’s Centennial Beach and give them the gift of safety and the confidence of having fun and enjoying being in the water.

Naperville’s Centennial Beach offers summer swim lessons in June and July.

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